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Call now to get a quote for your next high pressure water blasting project.

Tank Cleaning and Water Blasting throughout Ontario

Staying reliable and safe has allowed Aqua Force Industrial Services Inc. to proudly serve clients in a variety of industries across Ontario with our professional water blasting services for over 30 years. Our passion for the industry and blasting away the toughest messes makes us a favourite for tank cleaning, valve freeing and pipe clearing in Southern Ontario and beyond.


  • Industrial high pressure water blasting

  • Drain cleaning

  • Sewer pipe cleaning

  • Tank cleaning

  • Heat exchanger cleaning

  • Coating removal

  • Rotary valve cleaning

Thanks to our specialized equipment and high pressure water blasting – 10-15k psi versus normal pressure washing’s 3-4k psi – we’re able to get the job done faster and more safely. Call us now to take advantage of our 24-hour services.

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